Former OSU Player Speaks Out On Allegations of Scandal

Former OSU Cowboys are criticizing the Sports Illustrated investigation. They say the investigation is proof that OSU is on top, and is a target.

It was 1998 and Trent Alexander rode OSU's beloved Bullet on the field, his senior year. That was a high point.

Now he's watching a program he helped build deal with a crisis. Alexander was long gone, before allegations of sex, grade tampering and extra benefits for players.

Now he says he and former Cowboys are using a text messaging system to talk. And none of them reportedly experienced the extra favors given to those in the Sports Illustrated articles.

Alexander says they were the starters, graduates and some NFL players. "It's funny to me to think about the names on this list. Most of them if they were doing something like this, they would not have been the players chosen to receive extra benefits. So that is what just makes this so ridiculous," he said.

As the stories come out, OSU players are still talking and trying to get to the bottom of those accusations.