Former School Administrator Sentenced For Child Sex Crimes

A man convicted of sex crimes against kids has been formally sentenced.

Robert Yerton will spend 20 years behind bars and faces 7 years probation following the stay in prison.

The sentence was handed down Friday afternoon in downtown Tulsa.

Prosecutor Sarah McAmis said she's glad to have justice for the victims.

"There's no question in my mind, that he perpetrated for years and that he would continue to perpetrate for years if he were not incarcerated," she said.

Yerton's attorney, Richard O'Carroll, continues to defend his client's innocence, and he plans to file an appeal on his client's behalf very soon.

"There's nothing that anyone should feel good about here. This is scary. It's worse to have an innocent man in jail," O'Carroll said.

Robert Yerton was convicted on three of five sexually-related counts against him. They include child sexual abuse and lewd molestation.

Some of the crimes took place while Yerton was assistant principal at Skelly Elementary School.