Former School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Molestation

71-year-old Eugene Burchett plead guilty today to nine counts of indecent acts with a child.

"One thing that does not happen very often is that we can actually get the victims closure in terms of the criminal cases as quickly as we did this time," says Wagoner County District Attorney Brian Kuester.

While the resolution is rare these types of cases involving adults engaging with minors appear to be happening with more frequency.

"The adult person starts believing they won't be caught," says Christine Marsh a licensed therapist with Family & Children's Services.

It's when they get caught that reality sets in.

"There's more external feedback that's reminding them this is wrong, inappropriate."

In some ways inappropriate relationships are much like an addiction.

"I think the wakeup call is if there's a way to cut into that impulsive and those distortions. If you find yourself getting too close to a person and starting to encourage yourself to act upon those impulses to talk to somebody to get help," adds Marsh.

In the Burchett case, the district attorney also credits the Coweta Police Department and OSBI for their work in building a solid case that helped in a plea deal.