Fort Gibson Lake Campsites Closed for High Water

One local lake is still seeing high levels of water after last weeks round of rain. Fort Gibson Lake is still eleven feet above normal. The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing as much water from the dam as possible to help with the high levels.

Even though the lake is high, the Army Corps of Engineers is keeping Fort Gibson Lake two feet above normal until September.

"In case we have a drought situation again and high temperatures we will have extra water," Public Affairs Specialist for Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District, Nate Herring said.

Wahoo Bay, Damsite North, Flatrock, Bluebill Point, Wildwood, North side of Taylor Ferry South and West side of Rocky Point are all closed due to the high waters. These campsites have picnic tables, signs, and areas where trailers would pull in under several feet of water. Herring said these campsites are designed in what they call the 'flood pool' to be able to handle the water levels. But because of the levels they have canceled and refunded all the people that has planned on coming.

Herring said since Friday, June 7, the water has gone down about two and a half feet. He expects the water to completely go down in a couple of weeks at that time they will access the campsites and do any repairs before the reopen. Fort Gibson Lake is used for water supply, fish and wildlife.

Dozens of people are still hitting the lake to swim, boat, and fish. So, Herring wants those heading to the lake to remember one thing about higher levels.

"You do see an increase of debris coming into the lake from up stream. So, boaters especially need to use caution and reduce speeds and watch out for these debris cause it can cause some safety issues and it can cause some accidents," Herring said.

Fort Gibson Lake does have other campsites that remain open during this time.

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