Forum Held Between Students and Legislators in Broken Arrow

A inaugural forum was held today at Broken Arrow Public Schools between students and legislators with the intention of identifying the pressing issues when it comes to legislation in schools.

More than 30 Broken Arrow students gathered to voice their opinions on what they would like to see happen policy-wise in their schools.

Robert Franklin, associate superintendent at Tulsa Technology Center, was impressed with what he saw from the B.A. students.

"Their parents and school teachers should be proud. They are articulate, poised, and expressing themselves from the heart. It's powerful what these kids have to say in adult forums," Franklin said.

He also recognized the importance of having students who are educated when it comes to the needs of the school.

"It takes a collective voice to find out what is good policy for the good of everyone involved," Franklin said.

On Monday, students, teachers and other citizens will gather at the state capitol in a rally regarding state funding for schools.

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