Foster Parents Arrested Following Child's Death

There's a child's bicycle in the front yard, and a small statue of two kids happily at play. Images in strong contrast to the charges facing the people who live here.

"The charges are felony homicide and also child abuse," said Major mark Irwin of the Broken Arrow Police Department.

Authorities say Mallory Krajian told them her 3 year-old foster child fell off the couch and hit his head. But the child's skull fracture, neck fracture and brain bleed, troubled physicians.

"We were called by DHS in reference to a child that had received an injury," he said.

The investigation would lead not only to the mother's arrest, but the father's as well.

"The father was arrested based on allegations of a separate child abuse case involving one of the other foster children," he said.

An affidavit details hair pulling that left bald spots on the children's heads.

"It's just crazy," said neighbor Greg Smith.

In the neighborhood there was the typical response of not noticing anything unusual...

"I never really interacted with them much, they just kind of came and went," he said.

But then there was this reaction...

"Absolute, just grief, on my part," said 87 year-old Floyd Allen. He and his wife live right next door, are known as the neighborhood grandparents, and they were torn up about something that happened last week.

"The seven year-old came to our door we're not sure which day it was Wednesday or Thursday, Wednesday, I guess, and he wanted in, and my wife was in bed sick so I didn't let him in, and he went back home. So I'm suffering from a lot of guilt on that I didn't find out what his problem was.

Compassion and love, two qualities in abundance in the home next door to the crime scene.