Foster Parents Needed At Christmas And Beyond

At the Promenade Mall people are shopping and making their Christmas wishes known. But there are some things even Santa can't bring, that's a happy home for Christmas for all the children who want one.

Santa sees it all. The smiles, the frowns, and those unsure about the jolly old man in a red suit.

"I like your list have you been a good boy this year," says Santa Claus.

Christmas memories should be something all kids hold dear, but the reality is there are more than 9 thousand children in DHS custody in Oklahoma, including those who need foster homes.

"There was a real and legitimate and significant need in our own backyard and we couldn't ignore the truth of that calling," says Keith Davis, a DHS Foster Parent.

The Davises wanted to do more than helping kids overseas, they have fostered 22 kids over the years in their home.

"One thing Keith and I have learned since we started this is it's not about our heart break but about their heart need and those children need to be loved," says Ronda Davis, a DHS Foster Parent.

DHS needs more families to foster children beyond the Christmas season.

"We don't want anyone to feel or believe we don't need those. We need host homes, we need families, just anything that a normal child would need," says Ulysses Allen, DHS Foster Care.

And who knows better than Santa how children can warm any home at Christmas and beyond.

"I think once they do that they would do something like this, they're hearts will be overjoyed with good feelings.