Four Men Arrested for Alleged Attempted Garage Theft

Top left: Billy Fisher. Top right: Michael Fisher. Bottom left: Jeff Graves. Bottom right: Joshua Westcott

Four males were arrested Saturday night after they were reportedly caught in the act of stealing items from a resident's garage.

The responding Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies reported finding the suspects behind a white truck at the residence on the 5700 block of West 1st Street when they arrived on scene a little before 7 p.m. Saturday.

Deputies say the suspects entered through the garage door, which was opened manually, and were loading items from inside the garage into a white truck.

When the homeowner arrived, she said she did not know the men and did not give them permission to take items from her property, the arrest report states.

The suspects, Michael Fisher, 48, Billy Fisher, 47, Jeff Graves, 38 and Joshua Westcott, 27, were booked on complaints of second degree burglary.