Four Month Long Investigation Leads to Brothel Bust

After a four month long investigation, two were arrested for running a brothel out of a strip club, Secret Cavern, near Coweta.

The ABLE Commission, District 27 Drug Task Force and other law enforcement agencies, made the bust Saturday, April 20.

"The cover it has is an exotic dance club, an adult entertainment club, but it's a brothel. We've got a lot of evidence to show it's a brothel," said Agent Pedro Zardeneta with the ABLE Commission. "They're running prostitution out the back. It's set up for that, there's a bed in the back."

The brothel was being run by the owner and who investigators believe to be his wife. Both were arrested for complaints of prostitution, running a brothel and illegal use of alcohol or serving to minors.

Cherokee County Undersheriff and task force member Jason Chennault stated that the investigation started after complaints were made to the District Attorney's office.

"Since we've been set-up here, we've had several people come by and clap for us, just tell us good job, give us the thumbs-up and ask us if we've arrested anyone," said Chennault. "So, the neighborhood knew what was going on here."

Investigators at the club were working to recover video to aid in future prosecutions. A few years ago, the same club was investigated for prostitution.

"We've heard this has been going on for quite awhile," said Zardeneta . "It's very difficult for local law enforcement to get in here, because a lot of the patrons and a lot of the customers would recognize law enforcement."Investigators are also questioning two others in relation to the case.