KTUL Chief Meteorologist Frank Mitchell to Change Careers

Chief Meteorologist Frank Mitchell

Today, long-time meteorologist and a dear member of Tulsa's Channel 8 family announced his retirement from television news in a letter to viewers, staff and friends."I regret to inform everyone that as of September 18th I am resigning my position of Chief Meteorologist at KTUL TV. It is not a decision that came easily or quickly. I have been working evenings at Channel 8 for seven years and in television for over twenty years. As anyone that works evenings can tell you, it can be hard to take on that shift with a family at home. I really look forward to being more involved with my kids' activities, {}maybe even coaching a little baseball.Channel 8 is a special place to me. I met Teri here and because of my position here I've met so many people in the community and have made many friends. As for my future, I've been hired as a financial advisor for a company here in Tulsa so I look forward still to seeing many of you around town. Sincerely, Frank Mitchell"Frank Mitchell's statement was shortly followed by a personal note from KTUL Tulsa's Channel 8 President and General Manager Pat Baldwin. "We will all deeply miss Frank here at the station. {}His passion for weather and protecting the lives of Oklahomans during severe weather has always been evident to staff and viewers. But it will also be those special 'Frank' moments we'll cherish. Who could ever forget his live wedding proposal on Good Morning Oklahoma? We wish Frank all the best."