Freezing Fog & Drizzle Sunday

Freezing drizzle and fog has caused slick and hazardous conditions this morning. Please be very careful if you head out the door today, as the sidewalks are icy in many places.

The roads? Slick spots-- but the bridges and overpasses are especially a little treacherous to navigate. Keep the speeds to a minimum and you should be fine.

The temps will head back above 32 fairly early, which should help things out. Tomorrow will bring yet another round of winter weather. Monday starts off cloudy, but by the afternoon and evening, snow will develop.

The heaviest amounts will be to the NE, while areas on and along I-40 will see a snowy mix with a little sleet. 1-3" should cover most of us by the time all is said and done Tuesday, but locally heavier amounts may be seen, especially in NE Oklahoma.

Stay tuned!

Today: Cloudy, with freezing drizzle and fog. Winds: NE 10-20 mph. High: 35.

Tonight: Cloudy and cold. Winds: NE 15-25 mph. Low: 20.

Have a safe Sunday!