Freezing Temps Blast Tulsa

She got off the bus bundled up in style.

"It has ears, you see?," said young Hannah, who, along with her Mom and sister were braving a wind so cold it would turn TU's flag blue if it wasn't already.

"It's real cold. Super cold? Yeah. Super duper cold? Yeah!" she said.

An answer with as much enthusiasm as some plumbers will experience when pipes start bursting.

"For my business it's sometimes somewhat lucrative," said Mike Headrick of Allied Plumbing.

Tips to not have Niagara falls? First off, if you have a crawl space and you haven't already...

"You need to shut those vents. It's very, very important," he said.

Secondly, there's that old reliable trick of keeping the water flowing.

"A small stream running, not a drip, but a stream," he said.

Of course pipes aren't the only thing in jeopardy of freezing.

"When it gets this cold it gets very dangerous," said Kelli Bruer of EMSA.

They've already helped a few folks who found themselves in trouble.

"We did respond to two cold exposures early this morning about 7 and 8 o'clock this morning, both of those folks did not have reliable transportation, had been out in the weather kind of overnight period," she said.

If only we could imagine ourselves somewhere warmer.

"I'm from Africa," said Matarr Jammeh, in town to study aviation, after having flown half way around the world to do it. Normal temperature in his home of Gambia? 89 degrees.

"Let's dream we're in Gambia we're sipping on a nice, what kind of drink? What kind of drink do you want? Ah, Gambia Special!"