From Horror to Happiness - Petunia's Story

She's got the enthusiasm and innocence of your average puppy, but Petunia's first 8 months of life have been anything but average.

"I was the first one actually that got this call," said Tim Geen, the cruelty inspector for the Tulsa SPCA. He first saw Petunia under much different circumstances.

"It is right there amongst the worst I've seen," he said.

Her right front leg, was something straight out of a horror film.

"It was unbelievable," he said.

Her paw completely gone, her leg bones exposed. The theory on how it happened?

"My guess would be that there was a bigger larger dog, and he got a hold of her leg and just ripped," said Missie Holbrook of the Tulsa SPCA.

Making matters worse, the owner allegedly did nothing to help. If it hadn't been for a meter reader walking by, Petunia would still be hobbling around a yard.

"Who would allow that to continue? We certainly could not allow that to be," he said.

The owner turned Petunia over, a dog who now faces a new life as optimistic as her unwavering attitude.

"If your leg was dangling with a bone sticking out would you be this pleasant? I don't think so," said Geen.

A happy ending for both a tough as nails dog, and a tender at heart investigator.

"This was special for me, it really was," said Geen.