FTC: ID Theft Is Top Consumer Complaint

It's the top consumer complaint in the country: identity theft. And you might be making it easier for scammers to swipe your information, without even knowing it.

The Federal Trade Commission released its list of top consumer complaints in 20-10 this week, and once again, identity theft topped the list.The FTC says you might actually be helping scammers swipe your info, by being too carefree with your personal information on social networking sites. And in the midst of tax season, with so many sensitive details of your personal and financial life front and center, it's worth a few reminders about keeping your information safe. {}

  • Protect your social security number. Don't carry your social security card in your wallet, and only give it to others when it's absolutely necessary. {}
  • Be careful about your trash and your mail. An identity thief isn't above digging through trash or recycling bins to mine for personal information. Shred documents you don't need, rather than simply tossing them.
  • When you're on social networking sites, be wary of any false friends. Don't friend people you don't know, and limit the amount of information that's made available for all to see. {}

Click here for the FTC's top ten consumer complaints.

(Source: CNN)