Fundraising Event To Bring Polo To Tulsa

Polo: It's been recognized as the "Sport of Kings." Its origins date back as far as to 500 B.C. A majority of Americans only recognize polo because it's often the front of a shirt or cologne bottle.

Lori Long, Executive Director for the Center For Individuals With Physical Challenges saw the activity as a way to raise money for their cause. "Polo was presented to us as an opportunity to not only promote and raise funds for the center, but also a co-promotion of the Arrowhead Polo Club," said Long during a media opportunity at Mohawk Park in Tulsa Sunday.

The opportunity was also a chance to showcase some of the players who will take part in the fundraising event on May 18th.

As for polo itself, the sport's dwindling popularity isn't necessarily because of a lack of interest, but rather not having the resources or time.

"Logistics is the real issue," explained Arrowhead Polo Club member and polo enthusiast Patrick Lovely. "You need a trailer. You need a truck (to pull the trailer). You need a place to keep the horse or horses. And it's a big commitment."

Lovely also concluded that if there's anything positive about polo being a less popular sport, it isn't such an elitist activity as traditionally perceived. "Lawyers, doctors, mechanics, horse trainers, really from all walks of life," Lovely said.

That also includes a foreign player who took part in Sunday's showcase. Fabian Silva is an Argentine professional polo player who emigrated to the United States roughly fifteen years ago.

Silva believes next month's fundraising polo match could boost the sport's interest to those in the local area. "It's one opportunity for a lot of people to see the polo [match]," he said through his thick accent.

"And maybe somebody like[s] it, and they say 'I want to sign up for the [Arrowhead Polo] Club.' This is a good promotion for everybody."

It's also a fundraiser for the Center For Individuals With Physical Challenges and it's being held on May 18th at Mohawk Park in north Tulsa. Click here for more information on the upcoming Polo Classic.