Funeral Director Accused of Embezzlement

"If you plan on committing insurance fraud in the state of Oklahoma, this is going to be a rather dangerous place for you to be," said Randy Brogdon with the Oklahoma Insurance Commission.

Officials from the state insurance commission, unleashed harsh words for Ronald Schumacher, a former funeral home director who allegedly embezzled nearly $9,000 from clients who had given him money for prepaid funerals.

"Funerals are very personal to folks in Oklahoma," said insurance commissioner John Doak. He{}says the money should have been held in a trust and not mixed in with a general account.

"And that's what Oklahoman's want, they want to know that their money that they paid for final expenses is going to be there," he said.

Schumacher lost his funeral director license last September. His former funeral home is{}now under new ownership since the beginning of the year. He still owns Magnolia Cemetery at the edge of town, his name on the canopy and chairs for a service today, an employee at the cemetery said he had always been treated fairly. Another associate says Schumacher wasn't intentionally doing anything wrong and that officials were simply making an example out of him.

"We take a dim view of fraud of any kind," said Brogdon.