Future Performer Tyrie

For 17 year old Tyrie, getting to be on stage was a dream come true. Made possible by Tulsa Performing Arts Center Director John Scott, who gave us a tour of the entire facility.

Tyrie is a huge fan of musicals, especially Annie and Oklahoma. Not surprisingly, Oklahoma is her favorite song.

"I'm not going to sing it, your trying to get me to sing."

Which is surprising since Tyrie admits, she doesn't know a stranger, she loves to talk and the biggest benefit she says.

"Um, get to know people, how they feel and how they act. What they do and like to do, it's good."

What Tyrie would like to do, changed thanks to our visit at the PAC.

"I do want to act now. Seeing how many people are going to be here, I'm not shy, I'm not."

Tyrie will be in 11th grade. She's excited about going back to school and her favorite?

"Math. I love math, it's my favorite subject. And field trips, we go to special olympics, to the mall for holidays and we go to a lot of places."

She would also like to have a family that's active and wants siblings her same age.

"I would have somebody to play with, that likes to play with older kids stuff and that likes to go out. I would like a family that goes out and fun and stuff. Not argue, yeah."

If you think you can offer Tyrie the forever home she deserves, call 800-376-9729.