New Initiative Calls on Tulsa Community to Improve Workforce Shortage

Tulsa is working to make sure the city has enough workers to fill vacant positions. The Tulsa Metro Chamber kicked off a 24 week initiative which includes community forums.

In our Focus on Education, we discovered that schools are very much a part of the issue. Employers are aware of Tulsa Public Schools and the failing grades that label just about half of them.

A group of community leaders has joined forces to find out how schools can work with employers and provide workers of the future. There is a shortage of employees in the Tulsa market. The regional workforce initiative it's participants will strategize how the workforce will look in the coming decades.

Schools are training those future employees and Mayor Dewey Bartlett says it's time to look beyond college, which may not be for every student--and ask questions, of non-college bound students.

"Are we giving them enough exposure to the other options that are available about learning a trade? Learning how to be a good welder, or a computer repair person," asked Bartlett.

Consultants will release a comprehensive report of ideas and solutions, in June.