Gang Activity Happening All Over Tulsa

About 20 defendants linked to a major drug investigation are still on the streets. Investigators continue to search for them, many said to be members of the Hoover Crips street gang. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, some of the defendants who were already arrested in connection with the drug investigation will be released with conditions pending trial or other resolution of the case.

While some members of the dangerous Hoover Crips gang are indicted, there are still other street gangs terrorizing Tulsa neighborhoods.

"We have gang violence in almost every section of Tulsa," said Eddie Evans with Youth Services.

For the past 23 years Evans has worked closely with people trying to get out of the gang life. He said it's no secret street gangs are roaming the streets of Tulsa and it affects all of us.

"There maybe someone you think is a neighbor , but he is really selling dope by the house. Your kids go to school with this young men and women. There are self proclaim gang members in most of our schools," Evans said.

Former gang investigator Ofc. Leland Ashley agrees said Tulsa is unique when it comes to street gangs. Mainly because they are more focused on their criminal activity than their turf.

"These individuals crossing illegal activities together. Your selling drugs in my neighborhood, or your selling drugs in my apartment complex. No this is my area," said Ofc. Ashley.

All that drama leads to shootings, stabbing's and in some cases deaths.

"What is a problem is the criminal activity behind it. When you start robbing people and beating people and shooting up houses and shooting cars up on public streets. That's a problem. People are dying, There are more young people in the graveyard than there are people who are aging and that we have to stop," Evans said.

Officials said now a days it's more difficult to identify gang members because they are not wearing their "colors" like they use to.