Gang Members Indicted for Criminal Offenses

A huge victory in the war on drugs in Tulsa.

Authorities believe they've identified the people who supply 90-percent of the cocaine to our streets.

More than 50 are named in an indictment. With at least 20 behind bars.But there's a hunt for more suspects.. Connected to the Hoover Crips street gang.

Channel 8's Yaremi Farinas explains.

"This is the largest indictment in the history of this district."

More than 50 people under indictment and 238 criminal cases are the results of a three year investigation.

The major crack down targeted members of the Hoover Crip gang and an accused drug leader named Donald Walters.

"We are alleged in our indictment that Donald Walters was the leader of the continuing criminal enterprise and he had approximately 49 to 50 people working for him."

Officials say the defendants sold cocaine all over Green Country. In three years they made about 10 million dollars from selling the drug.

"The impact in Tulsa should not be understated. This drug organization, these gang members effected every part of Tulsa. Through violent crime through murdering of federal witnesses to intimidation of witnesses to harassment of neighborhoods."

Investigators believe taking these alleged criminals off the streets...will reduce the use of cocaine in our state.

Most of the people indicted-- live here in Tulsa... And two are from Ohio.