Gas Prices Can Be Curbed with Some Helpful Tips

Gases prices have risen well over 20 cents just this week. And with that fact people are looking closer at how much they are spending at the pump.

To reduce your concern at the pump we have compiled a list of ways to help you stretch the last bit of gas in your tank.

What most people dont know is you can simply cut your fuel cost by making better decisions on how to use your gas. You'll find out the true meaning of less fuel consumption without having to take drastic measures such as staying home.

1. First rule of thumb is to drive less. You don't need a research study to tell you that. It's common sense. However, what seems easy is not that practical at all. How are you to drive less when you have to drop your kids off for school, drive to work, pick your kids up, grab some food and drive back home?

(Well for parents who cant send their kids to a bus stop to make life easier, here are a few tips)

2. Check tire pressure. This may sound like a non factor but it actually eliminates fuel consumption. Having low tires sometimes mean having soft tires. And soft tires burn up your gas.

3. Stay off the brakes! - You've probably heard this a million times and it may sound like a myth. But it's actually true. The result of braking is kinetic energy and when you step on the brake you're turning that energy into heat, which causes you to heat up your brake pads. That causes major fuel use.

4. Get your fuel injector cleaned- If the injector is plugged then it'll set and drip like a leaking faucet. But if you get it cleaned it will burn more efficiently and the spark will ignite! You'll see soon after that your car will drive much better and smoother.

5. Eliminate left turns and stop lights- Who would have ever thought that a simple turn could play a part in fuel consumption? Well it does. Studies recommend looking at your routine trips. Do you make too many left turns? Well if it causes you to use a short cut then go for it!

These are just a few tips you can use to help you keep more money in your wallet. If you have anymore suggestions you've seen around, feel free to comment below.