Gas Prices Going Up and Down

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the pumps these days. Oklahoma is one of states with the lowest gas prices and come to find out customers aren't the only ones that are frustrated."We are all frustrated. But it's not illegal, it may immoral but it's not illegal what's going on," says Quik Trip Spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh.Experts say there is no rhyme or reason for these prices to be going up and down like this. It's all based on speculation and what traders say."Unfortunately right now when someone makes a comment and it may be a really nice sound bite the market reacts to that," says Thornbrugh.Even if all of this is pure speculation people are having a hard time at the pump. Especially when prices are $4.09 on one street corner and across the street they are $3.69."It helps a little but not much the prices need to go down everybody is hurting," says Broken Arrow resident, Fred Cox."Oh yeah it breaks you. You know food goes up. You have to cut down on everything it hurts the family," says Tulsa resident, Kelly King.We talked with one guy who is in the lawn care business and this is hurting him twice. He has to fill up more making his prices go up and his customers just don't want to pay. So he is thinking about turning to natural gas.All gas station are going to try and be competitive. The industry tries to make 10 to 12 cents per gallon. They too have to think about paying rent, taxes, and employees. But they are also consumers and they're upset as well."I don't like it. I have two kids that drive and they like to drive a lot as a consumer and as an employee of Quik Trip I have the same cost as everybody else," says Thornbrugh.Some customers are just thinking about the future."Hoping,{} hoping is not even the word I'm praying honey," says King.The statewide average for unleaded is $3.24, about 10 cents higher than the average in the Tulsa area. Last year at this time we were paying about $2.70 per gallon.