Gas Prices on the Rise in Tulsa

Gas prices in Tulsa went up about 15 cents to about $3.64 overnight. We are coming up on the end of the school year and the start of Memorial Day weekend, so these prices are causing some to change their plans.

"I will be riding my bike a little bit more, trying to drive as less as, I can carpool, do whatever I can," says Kristen Lutz.

For some people that have family reunions in Ohio each summer, they may not make it if the prices keep going up.

"In June, we go back always for a family reunion but this year may have to think about it cause it's a little expensive," says Charles Clere.

In the past month, according to, people in and around Tulsa have seen the price go from about $3.20 to $3.64 and the experts say there is one good reason for that.

"We have some maintenance going on at a number of refinery in the midwest," says Danial Karnes, AAA Spokesperson.

Meaning supply is down and demand is up since we are heading into summer travel. There are a few things you can do to help, like eliminate the extra things you are carrying in your trunk and make sure your tires are aired up to level they should be.