Gateway Market To Close

When it opened four years ago, Gateway Market was an answer to a food desert prayer, but like a desert, sales have been dry."We lost 50% of our business and I think it had to do with the incident we had two weeks after opening the store," said owner Antonio Perez. That incident was a robbery, which stunned and saddened the community."I think that's the worst thing that could happen as hard as we wanted a store over here it's just too bad," said one woman.

Perez says sales never quite rebounded, and that to keep the store afloat, he's had to pour money in from his other stores. If not it would have closed...

"A long time ago," he said.

The news was met with dismay.

"They're going to be closing?" said Greg Truesdell, noticeably shocked. Alberta Young enjoyed the convenience of the store's location.

"It stops a lot of travel for me. I don't have a car," she said."If the store come then we don't go shop, they don't make no money, then they can't stay," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson. Perez says he expects the store to close in mid July.