Gazpacho "Andaluz"

This is from the time Columbus and his buddy Cortez brought back the riches from the "New Country." Remember, the Spaniards were responsible for many products introduced to Europe.

1 ea. Standard Kitchen Bar Blender

1 ea. Fine Conical Sieve

2lbs ripe tomatoes

1/2 peeled and deseeded cucumber

2-4 cloves, peeled garlic, green shoot removed

1 ea. Anaheim pepper, chunked, deseeded

1-2 Slices white bread, decrusted

Sherry Vinegar or White Wine Vinegar, Approx.. 3/4 cup

Sea Salt To Taste

1-2 Cups Ice

Spanish Olive oil, Approx.. 1 1/2 cup, possibly 2

  • Cut all ingredients into small pieces, place into blender
  • Blend on med speed, until smooth, season
  • Place blender on high, and adjust viscosity with more ice, season
  • Slowly drizzle olive oil until a beautiful orange color is achieved, (should smell fresh, taste, and adjust till a thinner "Tomato Juice" consistency is achieved.
  • Strain through your sieve and serve in Frozen Glasses or Glazed Terra Cotta Vessels