Shape-Up For Black Friday Shopping

Here's a question. Are you in-shape to shop for Christmas?

A local trainer has some Black Friday fitness advice.

First, don't shop 'til you drop.

Eat a good breakfast that's high in protein and low in carbs.

Stay hydrated.

Plus, it's also a great idea to take some light snacks.

James Hess with Lifetime Fitness says, "The last thing you want is to stop off and make a pit stop from making all those errands, you know, Black Friday back and forth and make an unhealthy decision. So take those snacks with you. Some almonds, some beef jerky, even a protein shake that you can take in a cooler and take with you."

Also before you leave, stretch your hamstrings, quads and core to get your blood pumping.

"This right here will help you pick those bags up off the floor, those items off the floor, and put them in your basket," says Hess.

A co-worker demonstrates how to curl two five-pound hand weights.

And to prepare for all those shopping bags, squats and arm curls can help you build strength.