Get To Know Your Health Insurance Plan

Are you one of the millions who signed up for insurance under federal health care reform? If so, the job isn't done yet. You need to take the time, to understand your policy and how to use it.

In the months to come, meetings will be held all over this area. It makes good sense to learn about your new health insurance before you need it.

The first Marketplace Monday event was held at the O.S.U. Medical Center. Experts were only hand to teach people about their policies and how to get a personal physician. Melissa Parchman of Magoon and Associates says it's a good idea to take that step, so you're part of the doctor's practice before you get sick.

If you haven't had a policy in the past, all the paperwork and legal issues can be a little intimidating.

So doing your homework can save you time and money. For example, some medical procedures must be approved in advance. While others, like annual check-ups, may be completely free.

So being informed can save you a lot of headaches.

Jamie Calkins of the O.S.U. Medical Center Marketing, says it's important to know about things, such as your deductible and your co-pay. So if you do have to go to the doctor, you'll know the costs in advance.

The Marketplace Monday events are planned for the next five months. You can learn more about that schedule by dialing 2-1-1. They can also direct you to other resources, to learn more about you health insurance.