Getting Food to the Elderly, Through Snow and Ice

With more snow on the way, there is more concern for the sick and shut in.

Meals On Wheels is delivering to it's most vulnerable clients. But malnutrition is always an issue to some seniors, and especially in bad weather.

Newschannel 8's Kim Jackson shows how volunteers are helping.

Now is the time to check on elderly neighbors. Meals On Wheels hasn't delivered to many of their clients in several days

Today a few volunteers showed up to pack meals for a high risk group of seniors.

"Yesterday I talked to a gentleman who only had one peice of food in his house, and he had no family or support system so he was excited we had food and delivered enough to get him by for the next week," said Stacie Wilson, Meals On Wheels

There were more people on the list, including Barbara VanZandt, who says this means a lot to her.

Meals On Wheels offers regular, diabetic, low sodium and vegetarian meals.

Barbara says its a tremendous help.

"Because I just can't cook anymore," she explained.

All the recipients have medical issues, or reasons that make them high risk.

But the roads have been too risky--until now, and only a portion of the elderly received deliveries of food, so far.

Meals On Wheels expects to start delivering regular meals, possibly by Friday.