Getting The Kids To Talk Grades

It's spring break across Green Country. School isn't top of mind for most parents and kids this week.

But when class is in session, it can be hard to get students to open up about their grades and how they're doing in class.

Nicole Ellison with Oklahoma Virtual Academy visited Good Morning Oklahoma Wednesday. She offered several tips on how to get kids to open up.

Open ended questions are better than 'How was your day?' or 'Did you learn anything new?'. Instead, try 'What specifically did you learn in math today?' or 'What was your favorite part of the book you are reading' and so on, she said.

When it comes to the tough talk of a bad report card, Ellison urges parents to stay away from negative at first.

"I think most importantly the parent needs to focus on the positives with the student. Look for the areas where the student is succeeding and highlight those," she said.

After the good, parents can then drill down to the problem areas, stressing that it's important to start positive and let the child know that they aren't a failure.

The learning process shouldn't last from just 8:00am to 3:00pm everyday, Ellison said. She reminds parents to take learning wherever they go, using technology or even old-fashioned flash cards to help kids study.