Gilcrease Exhibit Shows America's Early View Of The West

From now through September 8th, there's a special exhibit at the Gilcrease Museum

It's a traveling exhibit, of the works of Thomas Moran.He's one of America's greatest artists and became legendary for his dramatic landscapes of the American west.

The show is called, Yellowstone and the West: The Chromolithographs of Thomas Moran.The exhibit centers on 15 prints of Moran watercolors.

They were part of an 1876 collection, that helped to inspire congress to establish Yellowstone National Park.

Mark Dolph, is the museum's volunteer coordinator.He has a real passion of Moran's work, because it ignited people's curiosity about the west and inspired them to seek their futures in that part of the country.

Communications Director, Melanie Hamilton, says the show was put together with museums in Omaha and Denver.But what's seen here will be unique.That's because the Gilcrease has one of the finest Moran collections in the world.So the show here will be more extensive, than what will be seen in the other two cities.

Hamilton says it has already been a great success, because Moran has always been a favorite of people here in Tulsa.But keep in mind his most popular painting is outside the show, in another gallery. It's powerful 6 by 12 foot painting, of Shoshone falls in Idaho.

The traveling exhibit contains the photo Moran used for the painting, and the color print that followed when the painting was completed.There is no additional charge to see the Moran show, once you've paid your admission to the museum.