Girl Scouts Showcase their Architectural Talents

Five teams of Girl Scouts from across the Tulsa region competed in an architectural contest today at the Hardesty Library.

Teams built structures reflective of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, the only catch being that the structures had to be made of empty boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

The goal of the competition, according to Xan Black, coordinator of the Tulsa Alliance for Engineering, was to inspire the girls to become engineers and architects themselves.

The mentors and judges of the competition were females with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) jobs.

Black mentioned that women represent 50 percent of the population but only 16 percent of STEM jobs are taken by women.

"We feel like if we bring young girls together with females in STEM professions, there's a good chance they may be inspired to become engineers and architects themselves," Black said.

The top prize for the winning team is a slumber party at a local hotel.

"They've totally blown away every expectation so far," Black said.