Girls Walking Home Reportedly Approached by Unknown Man

Owasso authorities questioned a man Friday who allegedly approached two girls and asked if they needed a ride home from school.

Police stated that the incident took place Thursday evening when the girls were walking home from Hodson Elementary. The school is located at 86th Street North and 145th East Avenue.

According to information from the OWP a parent for the girls notified officers that an unknown male approached them and asked if they would like a ride back to their home.

"It was alleged this was not the first time this same individual had engaged the young girls in a conversation they described as 'uncomfortable,'" police added

Officers were able to track down the unidentified individual and questioned him about the allegations. No arrest was made, according to OWP.

"While no actual criminal action is believed to have occurred, this allegation was taken serious and we hope that the proactive measures taken will help ensure the safety of our children."