Glass Blowing With John

Maybe it was just a coincidence that Tulsa Glass Blowing in the Brady District agreed to host John, probably not. Taking a lump of hot glass and turning it into something incredible is something they do every day. It's also what John needs in a family,someone with the patience, expertise and love to help this young man be his best.

"That glass cools very quickly. See all that broken stuff down there?" Kenneth Gonzales showed John the ropes and found out he was a natural.

"It was awesome," says John.

John turns 14 this month and is in the eighth grade. Like most teen boys schools not his favorite activity but, "If I'm not in school, I like to hang out with my friends and stuff like that. When I'm in school I don't sit there and mess around, I stay focused."

He's also focused on music, it's rare that he doesn't have his headphones with him, but for safety reasons, they were off on this day.

"What kind of music do you like? Rap. Rap? Give me an example."

"I can't (laugh). I couldn't do it either."

John is looking for a family that already has kids. He says one brother and one sister would be perfect. He also says he wants a family that enjoys each other.

"Fun family."

"When you say fun, what does that mean? Hanging out?"

"Hanging out, doing fun stuff like that."

"When you gather the glass, it's like standing next to the sun."

If you're interested in building a future with john or any of the children we've featured on waiting child, call 1-800-376-9729.