Glenpool City Leaders Hope Vision 2 Vote Leads to Sports Complex

Glenpool Mayor Tommy Carner told Channel 8 Tuesday a Vision 2 win will mean a state of the art sports complex for Glenpool at 161st and Elwood. The city council voted Monday to use all of its potential Vision 2 money on the project. It could bring hundreds of thousands of people to the complex each year.

"It's going to be good for the area," said Mayor Carner.{}"We'll be pulling people form Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas. We want it to be more about the region."

Carner said the complex would put Glenpool "on the map."

If Tulsa County voters approve the continued sales tax for Vision 2, the city will move forward with its sports complex, which would cost around $18 million. The city's $5.9 million from Vision 2 would go toward the project. $2.1 million from Vision 2025 would go toward the complex too. According to Carner, the rest of the project will be largely privately funded. The city is talking to the company Big League Dreams about the project.

Tulsa city councilman G.T. Bynum said via email Tuesday, "The wisdom of setting up Proposition 2 in this way is evident when you see the range of projects selected by local leaders in different municipalities. {}It allows each community to determine its own greatest long-term needs, which in turn fuel our growth as a region. {}I applaud my colleagues in Glenpool and other communities who have made the same effort we did in Tulsa to guarantee our citizens know how their money would be spent under this proposal before they go to vote on November 6."

Channel 8 spoke with people in Glenpool Tuesday. Most did not know much about the project, but those that did said they supported it.

The complex would open in 2014 and begin to turn a profit within three years.