Glenpool Police Arrest Man Growing Pot Near Headstart School

A 19-year-old Glenpool man is behind bars Tuesday morning after police reportedly found marijuana at his residence located near a headstart school.

Rayshawn Crawford was arrested Monday evening on charges of possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school and cultivation of marijuana in the presence of a minor.

According to a Tulsa County police report, officers arrived at Crawford's residence on South Hickory Place with a search warrant. There they made entry into the house through the use of a ram after repeatedly knocking on the door and receiving no response.

Upon their entry into the house police found Crawford and a white female holding an infant. During their search they found "marijuana shake and seeds in every room of the residence."

In other areas of the house police found paraphernalia that included:

- Seven small starter plant bowls with potting soil

- Marijuana seeds in those plant bowls

- Bottles of liquid plant food and other growing chemicals

- Grow lights

- Burnt mariajuana cigarettes

According to the report, police also seized one of Crawford's cellphones which contained pictures of marijuana plants and video of himself with one of the plants.

Police also reportedly received information that he had been selling marijuana to the kids in the neighbor.

Crawford was arrested and booked in the Tulsa County Jail. He is set to appear in court on March 3rd.