GMO Adopt A Pet: Tips for the New Year

Dr. Rodney Robards' New Year's Resolutions For You & Your Pets:

1. Exercise 10 minutes a day- this can be as simple as taking a walk, or just playing toys with your pet a few minutes each day, just as long as both of you are off the couch.

2. Healthy Weight- Watch what you're feeding your pet. Cut down on the people food and treats.

3. Commit to Pet Wellness- Schedule yearly check-ups with a vet and set reminders for heartworm, flea & tick prevention.

4. Budget For Injury/Illness- Unexpected injuries or illness can be expensive. Maybe set aside some savings or budget in some money for pet medications or medical expenses.

For more information about adopting at pet contact the Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital at 918-747-1311.