GMO Controlled Chaos: Organized Cleaning

Tips from Amy Bates on ways to streamline your cleaning routine.

Simplify your cleaning routine and getting organized for the new year. By doing simple things on a daily basis- the work can be minimized.

It is also helpful to organized your cleaning kit. Choose to one for bathrooms, one for kitchens, living and bedrooms.

Kitchen & Living Areas items:

Magic eraser (great for playrooms, hallways, foyers)

Microfiber cloth for dusting (don't forget to touch up baseboards)

Vinegar (glass, floors, appliances)

Mild abrasive cleaner (great for porcelain sinks)

Multi surface cleaner (for granite appliances)

lemon oil (antiques and use a drop to polish stainless steel. Also make clean and treat solution by mixing a few drops with multipurpose and water to clean cabinetry)

While in kitchen, clean toaster and get rid of loose crumbs

Soften stuck on food in a toaster oven or microwave by heating water- if a safe container

Use a screwdriver to take down light fixtures to get the bugs out this time of year. Put them in the dishwasher or wash them in your kitchen sink, but don't forget a towel to put in the bottom of the sink.

Steam Mop (fantastic for keep floors clean and sanitary)

Dust Mop for wood floors that you don't want water on

Bathroom kit:

Grout brush

Plastic chisel type tool

toilet brush

toilet cleaner

Mild abrasive cleaner

Soap scum remover

Vinegar (for glass and calcium deposits. Take down shower head and soak overnight)

Magic eraser (great for grout)

Lint filter brush - Must clean lint trap, and remember to clean behind machines and in the dryer venting

Get a step stool. High areas are always over looked (think top of fridge).

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