GMO DIY: Jewelry or Catch All Bowl

Jewelry or Catch All Bowl:

You will need:

- Fimo or Sculpey clay

- Lace fabric or ribbon

- A cookie cutter or cup

- Rolling Pin

- Wax Paper

- Oven-safe bowl


1. Roll out a chunk of the clay on the wax paper.

2. Place lace over the clay and roll it on the clay so it creates an indention.

3. Carefully peel the lace from the clay.

4. Use cookie cutter or cup to cut the clay into a circle.

5. Peel the clay circle from the wax paper.

6. Lay circle of clay in a shallow, oven-safe bowl.

7. Bake clay and bowl at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.

8. Allow to cool completely, remove the clay from the bowl.