GMO's Craftastic Holly Leaf

What you'll need:

Green paper



wire cutters

craft glue

round Red beads



1. Cut your green paper into a square. Your finished leaf will be about half as long as the diagonal of your square, so plan accordingly. Fold this square in half diagonally and cut along this fold to make two triangles.

2. Beginning at the corner of the triangle opposite the longest side, fold the paper back and forth like an accordion until the whole triangle is folded.

3. Cut a length of wire 6-8 inches long. Squeeze the folded triangle together at the center with your thumb and forefinger and fold the accordion in half so the two parts of the longest side are touching. Fold the piece of wire in half and place it inside this fold. Twist the two halves of the wire together on the outside of this fold.

4. Put a line of craft glue down one long side of the folded accordion. Press together and secure with a clothespin. Let dry.

5. Once the glue is dry, take two finished leaves and twist their wires together. You should have 4 wires to work with now.

6. Thread a red bead onto one of the wires and wrap the rest of the wire around the wire twist at the base to hide and secure it. Repeat with two more of the wires.

7. Depending on how you are planning to use your new holly sprig, make the fourth remaining wire into a hook for an ornament or a loop for threading onto a ribbon wrapped around a present.