Going Green Is Good Business


It's good to know that going green, can also be good business.

The owners of one Tulsa company say it's not an easy, but they are making a living and a difference.

You'll find Natural Evolution tucked away in an area, near 13th and Yale.

It's a second career for both the owners, who now recycle electronic devices, by breaking them down and passing them along to processors.

They're filling a real need, but it's a challenging and complicated process.

Chris Phillips and his wife Traci are glad they started the company.

Unfortunately, the research that was available at the time was flawed.

So they've been learning as they go and some of the lesson are difficult.

Chris says he didn't really understand the concept, of how much they would recover per ton.

He jokes, that he does now.

"50-thousand tons later, I know what a ton weighs".

Fortunately they will never run short of electronics to break down.

Every year this country generates 3-million tons of it and every year there's more.

They get a lot of satisfaction from helping to clean up the mess that's created by our modern world.

They say they work hard to a decent wage and they don't cut corners.

Because that's compatible with how they were brought up.

While the end profits are pennies on the ton.

Traci says they're sticking with it, because it's the right thing to do.

"We can still look at our daughter and know we didn't make things worse for her".