Golden Hurricane Shine On A New Stage

The University of Tulsa Football team is used to hearing the applause from the crowd. Thursday night in south Tulsa they entered the cafeteria at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to a roaring ovation. Like on any given Saturday at Chapman Stadium the guys huddled and called their play.

"Friends in low places." TU Offensive Lineman Jake Alexander said to his teammates. They responded with oh yeah. Let's do it.

The fans in the crowd waited and watched as the Golden Hurricane broke their huddle and gave it all they had.

"Blame it all on may roots." As they sang the Garth Brooks classic the room got lively. "I showed up in boots and ruined your black tie affair."

It was karaoke night and TU was the main attraction. They continued, "The last one to know. The last one to show. I was the last one you thought you'd see there."

On the microphone is probably the last place you thought you'd see these guys. Several of the players teamed up to sing to people battling cancer.

"It's great to just come and help them smile. Help them have joy." TU Defensive Back Michael Mudoh said, "I think while battling cancer sometimes you lose the fact that there is still joy. There's a reason why you're still alive. To be out here and sing and watch them smile and sing along is really heart warming. A really humbling experience."

"To see people that are struggling everyday and you're complaining about getting up early for morning workouts, it makes it seem a lot smaller and insignificant." Alexander said, "Putting a smile on someone's face is always special."

If smiles were points the Golden Hurricane lite up the scoreboard. Their slightly off key singing meant the world to so many in attendance.

"It means that people care. That they care." said Mary Bishop "And they want to do something to lighten the place up and give everybody a little bit of cheer. They did a great job. They did because everyone was smiling and having a great time.

I think the Golden Hurricane made some new friends.