Google Grants Aid Pryor Schools

Over $70,000 in grants have been awarded to Pryor Public Schools by Google to aid the school's robotics program and expand the wireless Internet and network capabilities at the school.

"Our schools continue to reap the benefits of Google's presence in our community," Pryor Superintendent Don Raleigh said. "Our students and teachers are able to incorporate technology into their everyday learning, and our entire community will profit from that."

14 laptops with the capability to run robotics programs will travel between the various Pryor schools. Pryor's partnership with Google has given the school the benefits of cutting-edge technology for its students.

"The technology programs at Pryor have proven to be a huge success," Mike Wooten, operations manager for the Google data center in Pryor said.

"With the robotics program, students are able to learn science, technology, engineering and math skills and concepts while having fun and competing. It's a great learning tool, and we are happy to be a part of it," he said.