Google Purchases Former Gatorade Plant Outside of Pryor

Google's presence in Oklahoma is growing larger this week after announcing the purchase of an empty facility in Mayes County.

Previously a Gatorade plant, Google Inc. has agreed to purchase the facility located next to their current data center within the MidAmerica Industrial Park. Both buildings are located outside of Pryor.

"The purchase of the idled facility across from our data center is a logical choice given our ongoing partnership with the MidAmerica Industrial Park" Operations Manager Mike Wooten said. "MidAmerica continues to be a strong partner for us here in Oklahoma and we appreciate their proactive and pro-business approach."

But while the company made the decision to purchase the facility, it has no immediate plans to develop it or the site.

Gatorade moved out of the facility about two years ago.

MidAmerica Industrial Park Chief Administrator David Stewart said the plant is 1.4 million square feet.

"It's premature to speculate on what they're [Google] going to do, but I think the fact that they've purchased it, it will certainly be part of their longterm strategy," Stewart said.

Google's current data center has about a hundred employees, plus contracted workers.

Many Pryor residents said they are excited about the news and hope it means more jobs for the Pryor area.

"Any small town, it helps the economy, helps our neighborhoods, our schools," said resident Andrea Perkins.

According to Stewart, MidAmerica Industrial Park is about 9,000 acres and hosts more than three thousand employees from five counties.