Governor Fallin, Verizon Announce 500 New Jobs to Tulsa

Governor Mary Fallin and officials with Verizon announced Friday morning that the company will be bringing new jobs to the Tulsa area.

Fallin and the officials were on hand at the announcement at the Verizon Facility in Tulsa.

According to her Twitter account, Fallin said that 500 new jobs would be coming to the Tulsa facility.

"Today's announcement is one of the most significant our community has seen in recent years," Tulsa Regional Chamber President and CEO Mike Neal said in a statement. "Verizon's decision to build a new hub employing more than 500 skilled workers is a tremendous boost to our region's economic development efforts and reflects the spirit and commitment of Verizon as they continue a tradition of growth and investment in Tulsa."

Verizon currently has more than 1,180 employees in Oklahoma. 900 of those employees currently work at Cherokee Industrial Park, where the new 500 jobs will be. IT has 50 retail stores and authorized agents throughout the state.

Tulsa County Commissioner John Smaligo said at the announcement, "I'm elated Verizon has chosen to bring a new line of business to Tulsa County. Our low cost of doing business, skilled-workforce and central location continue to make our region attractive to successful companies like Verizon."

The positions will be in financial services. Michelle Robinson, the VP of Verizon's South Area, said Tulsa will be the financial hub. This offers more opportunity for advancement that would not require moving elsewhere.

Governor Fallin told Channel 8, she believes it is Tulsa's talented workforce, Tulsa's low cost of living, and Tulsa's pro-business environment that encouraged Verizon to expand here. She said she hopes other companies will also consider expanding in Oklahoma.

"When you have a big company like this expanding in Tulsa and Oklahoma, it just sends a signal to other Fortune 500 companies that Tulsa's a great place to do business," said Governor Fallin.