Governor Fallin, General Electric Make Economic Announcement

New jobs and technological advancements were at the center of Governor Mary Fallin's announcement Wednesday morning at the state capitol.

A $110 million investment, 125 new high-tech jobs and a new global research center. All three were discussed during Fallin's speech alongside General Electric officials at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

"In Oklahoma, we know that America's energy security and economic well-being demand more domestic energy production," Fallin said. "Technology continues to be the key to unlocking new energy resources and effectively utilizing those we have already discovered."

According to the release from Fallin's office, the new center will initially focus on technologies that enable safe and efficient production and delivery of unconventional oil and gas. The launch of the new center comes as the availability of unconventional resources, such as shale gas, is changing the global energy landscape and has the potential to create jobs, fuel innovation and lead to greater energy independence.

And as far as the potential new jobs coming to Oklahoma, those will range in professions from mechanical and electrical systems to software engineering. Those new employees will join GE's global network of 50,000 world-class scientists and engineers.

"Unconventional resources, and shale gas in particular, may be one of the biggest productivity drivers of our lifetime," GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said.

Immelt went on address how GE has invested $11 billion to build broad technical capabilities that deliver productivity gains and innovation for customers. His company will now work to search for a site for the new center.

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