Governor Fallin Greeted By Protesters At Guthrie Green

"Hey hey! Ho ho! Mary Fallin's got to go!"

Governor Fallin kicks off her reelection campaign with a bus tour.

On Tuesday, protesters greeted Fallin's "Mary On The Move Tour" at Guthrie Green.

Demonstrators held signs calling Fallin a "corporate puppet".

They also claim she's done "nothing for nobody".

Governor Fallin didn't let the protest throw her off course, though.

Fallin stepped off the bus to a crowd of supporters including Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

She talked about jobs and education, also improving the state's economic future.

"When I took office back 3.5 years ago, Oklahoma was in some pretty tough times," Fallin said. "We had a 7% unemployment rate. We were broke. We had $2.03 in our saving account. And thousands of Oklahomans had lost their jobs. So we've been focusing on turning Oklahoma around."

Fallin says, she's steering away from any negative campaigns against her challenger Joe Dorman.

Dorman released his very first campaign ad for the general election on Tuesday.

"But Mary Fallin has flip flopped and failed on education. Read my plan to improve schools," the ad says.

Dorman's focusing on education, strong leadership and Oklahoma values.

He says, he'll improve schools without increasing taxes.

A recent poll shows Fallin ahead in the race with 44%.

Dorman has 31%.