Governor Says Oklahoma Prepared to Deal With Federal Budget Cuts

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says she doesn't expect any immediate cuts to state services as a result of mandatory federal spending decreases. (File Photo: Fallin's Office)

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said state agencies have been bracing to deal with federal budget cuts for months now.

Without a deal in Congress to avoid the mandatory cuts, Oklahoma could now feel the impact of the sequester.

"While it is still unclear how many dollars each state agency will lose, we do not expect an immediate loss in state services," Fallin said in a statement released Friday morning.

"Months ago, I asked my cabinet secretaries and state agency directors to plan ahead for sequestration. We believe the state is well-prepared."

While the state is prepared to weather the budget cuts, Governor Fallin said she is concerned about how the federal funding cuts could impact businesses.

"It is clear the sequester is creating a chaotic and uncertain environment for businesses looking to invest, state governments tasked with crafting budgets, and those who receive federal benefits or who work for or contract with the government," she said. "That uncertainty is bad for the economy and is destroying jobs."

Governor Fallin called out President Obama saying he has not offered a reasonable solution to avoid the mandatory budget cuts.

"President Obama has said he doesn't like the sequester, but he has not laid out a viable alternative," Fallin said. "It is now up to him to work with Congress and deliver solutions. That starts with getting serious about spending cuts.