Governor Issues Statement On Open-Carry Gun Law

Oklahoma's new open-carry gun law takes effect Thursday, November 1st.

Under the law, citizens with a handgun license issued by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation will now be able to carry both concealed handguns and openly displayed handguns.

Governor Mary Fallin released the following statement urging gun owners to study the law and remain in compliance:

"Oklahoma will soon become one of 44 states that allow some kind of 'open-carry.' I believe the law is consistent with the spirit of the Second Amendment and that similar laws in other states have shown that open carry can be implemented safely and responsibly. However, it is important that citizens, especially those that plan to openly carry firearms, understand and follow the law."

"I am reminding all Oklahomans that the law allows for open carry of firearms only for those with handgun licenses. Gun owners with concealed carry permits will now be allowed to carry their guns openly. Anyone without such a permit who wishes to take advantage of the open carry law must apply for and receive a license through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation."

"It's also important to remember than any privately owned business may prohibit open carry or concealed carry on their property. These prohibitions must be respected, in addition to the prohibitions on open carry at schools, universities and career technology centers, prisons, in bars, at sporting events, or on government property. Finally, I'm asking all Oklahomans to remember that, in the event they are stopped by a law enforcement officer, a person carrying a weapon must immediately notify the officer that they are armed."