Governor Offers Support to PTA Parents

The Oklahoma PTA convention opened Friday with support from Governor Mary Fallin.

Fallin, who vetoed House Bill 2625, a bill to give group consideration to third graders and their mandatory reading test, now says the single test should not be a determining factor.

The governor told parents she is listening to them despite the strict stance State Superintendent Janet Baressi took on accountability and mandatory exams.

Some parents are concerned over tests that could hold third graders back and others that interfere with graduation.

While the PTA leadership called for a moratorium on tests that parents have called stressful, the governor offered her support of changes.

"We have to have testing, but lets test them throughout the year, to make sure they are reaching goals so they will be prepared for the end of semester test," said Fallin.

Hundreds of third graders have taken another reading exam to find out if they have scored enough to move on the fourth grade. Tulsa Public Schools expects to release results next week.