Cops Locate Car Theft Suspect with GPS Technology

A man was taken into custody Wednesday morning after reportedly stealing a woman's car in north Tulsa.

It happened before 9 a.m. in the area near Admiral and North Sheridan. Police received a call from a woman who told them that her car had been stolen.

Cops told KTUL that the woman had GPS on her vehicle and they were able to track down the suspect in the vehicle south of where it was originally stolen. The suspect fled in the vehicle when he saw the officers in the area.

Tulsa Police were able to catch up to the suspect after he crashed into two vehicles. But it was then that he fled the scene on foot crossing I-244 into midtown Tulsa.

A woman crashed her vehicle into the median when the suspect was crossing the highway in order to miss him. Traffic was slowed down both ways during the pursuit.

A K-9 unit was able to locate the suspect who gave up and was taken into custody. No name has been given at this time.